EMR/EHR & HL7 Integration

Evexia Diagnostics has spent years developing our technical infrastructure to help separate ourselves from the competition. Our infrastructure, technical expertise and industry know-how enable us to support our members in improving efficiency of their practice with EMR/EHR deployment and HL7 integration.

Evexia HL7 Integration

As a leading clinical laboratory service provider, Evexia Diagnostics has been supporting its members with HL7 data integration of lab results with their EMRs/EHRs. Our solutions offer secure, near real-time data flow and synchronization with 24/7 monitoring and support. Contact Member Service if your practice has an EMR/EHR that requires HL7 integration for lab results.

Evexia Diagnostics AutoRetrieve software

Evexia Diagnostics offers an AutoRetrieve tool to download all of your HL7 Lab Result data from Quest Diagnostics to your network. Contact Member Service if your practice needs access to this useful tool.

How To Order Testing

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