Increase Revenue with our Functional Health Reports

These FREE lab interpretation reports add value to your practice by providing you and your patients with easy-to-read reports that rank imbalances, provide explanations and possible causes for those imbalances, as well as provide evidence-based nutraceutical recommendations specifically targeted to each patient's unique biochemistry. It also helps to increase patient compliance by helping patients understand and "own" their health improvement. The Evexia Diagnostics Functional Health Report is designed to save you over an hour per lab exam by automatically analyzing every lab element.


What is included in the Evexia Diagnostics Functional Health Report?

  • Credible, evidence-based analysis for you and your patients (Practitioner & Patient versions)
  • Peer-reviewed "optimal ranges" along with the standard reference ranges
  • Personalized Health Improvement Plan with either generic or specific product
  • Recommendations using the nutraceutical line of your choice
  • Background details about each lab element tested
  • Functional Index Report showing the 20 Indices of Functional Health
  • Blood Test History Report giving a historical view of the last 7 blood tests side by side
  • Recommended Further Testing

Give your patients the freedom to know their health.

What is included in the report?

  • Credible, evidence-based analysis for you and patients.
  • Graphical, color-coded summaries so you don't miss anything important.
  • Easy-to-understand language so your patients aren't intimidated or overwhelmed.
  • Personalized health improvement plans, including what to avoid!
  • Progress tracking, so your patients can see their improvement or see that adjustments are needed.
How can these reports help my practice?
  • Helping you clearly see through complex issues
  • Offering comprehensive, customized health improvement plans.
  • Monitoring treatment
  • Helping patients clearly understand their unique biochemistry
  • Powerful marketing tool
  • Added revenue stream