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Hello fellow practitioners,

I'm Dr. Anis Khalaf, a medically trained Acupuncture Physician and Nationally Certified Health Coach, dedicated to empowering high achievers in reclaiming their health. As the founder and CEO of Acupuncture Fit and, I've guided hundreds of practitioners in developing personalized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health plans. These plans address a spectrum of challenges including pain, infertility, addiction, gut and hormone imbalances, skin conditions, and even severe, terminal, and rare cases.

My journey in this field has been driven by a passion for blending modern technology with the age-old wisdom of Element Typing in TCM. The outcomes have been not just transformative for my patients, but also for me as a practitioner. This blend of ancient and modern is further exemplified in my contribution to Dr. Axe’s book "Ancient Remedies", where the potency of TCM in healing the world is explored in depth.

In today’s fast-paced medical environment, efficiency and effectiveness are key. That's why I'm thrilled to announce our latest advancement: a partnership with Evexia. This collaboration is a game-changer, streamlining access to the latest lab tests. It's a tool that has revolutionized my practice, allowing me to focus more on what I do best - creating personalized health plans and delivering results.

This partnership with Evexia is not just an enhancement of our services; it's a testament to our commitment to integrate cutting-edge solutions into our holistic approach. It simplifies complex processes, ensuring that you, as practitioners, have more time to concentrate on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

For those who have followed my journey on TikTok @acupuncturefit, where I share health tips with nearly half-a-million followers, you know my dedication to making health accessible and understandable. This new partnership is a step further in that direction, offering a seamless, efficient, and effective way to incorporate advanced lab testing into your practice.

Join me in this exciting new chapter. Embrace the fusion of modern technology and ancient wisdom. Together, let's transform the landscape of healthcare and elevate our practices to new heights.

To a Healthier World,

Dr. Anis Khalaf

Preselected Panels with convenient lab draws at LabCorp

KM Nutrition Comprehensive Panel

KRD Full Thyroid Panel

KRD Sex Hormone Panel

KRD "Full Monty" Iron Workup

Functional Health Report with Nutraceutical Recommendations

These FREE lab interpretation reports add value to your practice by providing you and your patients with easy-to-read reports that rank imbalances, provide explanations and possible causes for those imbalances, with or without evidence-based nutraceutical recommendations specifically targeted to each patient’s unique biochemistry.

Client Success Team

Our live and knowledgable Client Success Team is available during extended business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 8 pm EST via phone at 888-852-2723 or at [email protected]

We feature all of your favorite lab brands and more to help take your patient's health to the next level and beyond!

Adrenal stress labs
Full Thyroid Panels
Gut Permeability Labs (including but not limited to zonulin and occludin, actomyosin antibodies and lipopolysaccharides LPS)
Food and Mold Sensitivity Analysis
Sex Hormone Labs
Inflammation Labs (including but not limited to CRP, homocysteine and ferritin levels)
Genetic Testing

We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership between Evexia Diagnostics and LabTest.Club.

Effective immediately, you can take advantage of the full suite of services offered by Evexia. Practitioners don’t have to be licensed to order labs through Evexia Diagnostics. They are naturally aligned to enhance the goal of maximizing outcomes for our unique clients. In addition, by using the promo code CLUB Evexia will waive the Enrollment Fee (a $250 value).

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