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Nutrevo Body is our premier outsourced nutrition coaching platform helping practitioners optimize patient results, improve supplement revenue, and retain patients on programs.

As a done-for-you outsource patient coaching service, Nutrevo Body’s team of functional medicine-based registered dietitians, nutritionists and certified nutrition coaches work one-on-one with patients on nutrient-based meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, and progress tracking. In addition, weekly phone calls and unlimited in-app messaging with registered dietitians and coaches provide the extra support patients need to stay accountable for programs and therapy plans. Adding nutrient-based dietary meal plans and an integrative nutrition support team to your practice is the next level in business growth.

The outsource nutrition coaching team at Nutrevo Body has over 50+ combined years of experience, coaching 10,000+ integrative and functional medicine-based patients. As an extension of your practice, Nutrevo Body’s integrative coach team works with your patients on nutrient-based dietary meal plans and accountability.



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The first 25 Evexia Diagnostics practitioners
to sign up with Nutrevo Body’s outsource nutrition team, each receives 3 FREE one-on-one patient coaching sessions, a $597 value.

Each monthly patient coaching program includes:

  • (1) Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian Kickoff Call
  • (3) Certified Nutrition Coach Weekly Calls
  • Unlimited In-App Messaging
  • Nutrient-Based Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists
  • Nutrient & Food Substitution Guides
  • Nutrevo Body App Access (Available on IOS & Google Store)
  • Meal Photo Sharing with Nutrition Team
  • Symptom, Stool, Activity, & Hydration Tracking
  • Goal & Progress Tracking
  • And Much More …

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Speaker: Brian Dubyak, CISSN

Over the past 15 years, Brian has worked with integrative, functional, chiropractic, and medical weight loss centers in taking their practice to the next level. From generating new patients to designing nutrition programs, Brian has helped practitioners streamline their business models for maximum profitability and scalability. As the founder of the nutrient-based nutrition system from Nutrevo Body, Brian has created a turnkey, outsourced nutrition coaching and meal planning program for practitioners.



JULY 6th, 7 PM ET
Brian Dubyak, CISSN

Optimizing patient retention, results, and revenue through outsourced nutrition coaching
Does it seem like your patients are doing great one day, and falling off their program the next? How many of your patients ask for more support but you don’t have the time to answer their nutrition and diet-related questions? If you’re running out of time to grow your practice, you’re not alone. How can you enhance the patient experience consistently, without burning through your time and energy completely?

Evexia is excited to announce the addition of Nutrevo Body – an outsource nutrition coach company that puts your patients first, every day. Let your patients experience on-demand nutritional support – with a team that cares about their success and happiness. Nutrevo Body works one-on-one with your patients – including phone calls, in-app messaging, meal plans/grocery lists, biometric tracking, and more. Our functional medicine-based nutritionist team tracks your patients daily – and provides weekly progress reports to both you AND the patient. This keeps your patients active, interested, and successful towards their goals. No more rushing to message your patients back at the end of a busy day – or feeling guilty that your patients are not satisfied with their nutrition program or treatment. If you know your patients are asking for a more straightforward nutrition program and more support, Nutrevo Body can help relieve this stress from your practice. Our outsource coaching team handles your patients’ care from start to finish.

Learn from Brian Dubyak, CISSN – The founder of the nutrient-based nutrition system from Nutrevo Body – the secrets to:

  • Increasing patient results and retention with a nutrient-based eating plan
  • Generating a new stream of revenue for your practice
  • Enhancing the patient experience with an outsourced integrative nutrition team
  • Spending less personal time trying to keep up with your patients’ progress
  • And much more…

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