Jinfiniti Precision Medicine designs accurate and precise biomarker tests for clinicians and patients so they can monitor and improve their well-being in a data-driven way.

The longevity biomarker company

Jinfiniti is a scientist-led, data-driven company that is dedicated to empowering clinicians and individuals to optimize their health, performance, and longevity. Jinfiniti does this by developing and analyzing unique and actionable biomarkers. Therefore, Jinfiniti has the unique ability to develop clinically proven interventions that will correct the discovered sub-health issues for the prevention of age-related diseases and improve the efficacy of treatment.

The company was founded by a team of scientists with highly successful academic careers with a desire to bring powerful and positive change to the health and longevity field by developing a number of innovative biomarkers that are not available anywhere else in the world. Their work quickly attracted a team of highly experienced and very passionate entrepreneurs, who now serve as senior executives. Together we can now offer testing, personalized interventions, and evaluation of treatment outcomes to clinicians and individuals around the world.

All tests are done in our own high-complexity CLIA laboratory (CLIA ID #: 11D2264938) located in the beautiful Golf Capital, Augusta, Georgia.  The laboratory is directed and managed by a highly skilled team of clinicians and scientists.  The laboratory can run most routine clinical tests but specializes in developing and implementing Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) that are not available anywhere else in the world.

What are Precise Biomarker Tests

Precise biomarker tests, also known as precision biomarker tests or personalized biomarker tests, are diagnostic or prognostic tools that identify specific molecular or genetic markers associated with particular diseases, conditions, or responses to treatments. These tests are a key component of precision medicine, as they enable healthcare providers to tailor medical decisions and interventions to the individual characteristics of each patient. Here's an overview of what precise biomarker tests are and their significance:

1. Biomarkers: Biomarkers are measurable indicators found in the body that can provide information about various physiological or pathological processes. They can include molecules like proteins, genes, RNA, DNA mutations, metabolites, and other substances. Biomarkers can be found in blood, tissues, or other bodily fluids.

2. Precision Biomarker Tests: Precise biomarker tests involve the analysis of specific biomarkers associated with a disease, condition, or treatment response. These tests are used to provide detailed information about a patient's unique molecular makeup, which can guide treatment decisions.

3. Diagnostic and Prognostic Value: Precise biomarker tests can serve different purposes. They can help diagnose diseases or conditions by identifying biomarkers that are indicative of a specific ailment. Additionally, they can provide information about disease prognosis, helping healthcare providers predict the likely course of the disease and tailor treatment accordingly.

4. Targeted Treatments: One of the primary benefits of precise biomarker tests is their ability to guide the selection of targeted treatments. If a specific biomarker is associated with a certain type of disease, treatment options can be chosen that are more likely to be effective based on the patient's biomarker profile. This approach minimizes the use of ineffective treatments and reduces side effects.

5. Personalized Medicine: Precise biomarker tests are a cornerstone of personalized medicine, where treatments and interventions are tailored to the individual patient. By understanding the genetic and molecular factors unique to each patient, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions about the most suitable treatments.

6. Oncology and Cancer Treatment: Precise biomarker tests have gained significant traction in oncology. They are used to identify genetic mutations, protein expressions, or other molecular characteristics of cancer cells. This information can guide the selection of targeted therapies, immunotherapies, or other treatments that are likely to be more effective against the specific cancer type.

7. Challenges: While precise biomarker tests offer tremendous potential, they also come with challenges. Developing accurate tests that reliably identify relevant biomarkers can be complex. Additionally, the interpretation of test results and their clinical implications require specialized expertise.

In summary, precise biomarker tests are advanced diagnostic tools that provide crucial information about an individual's molecular characteristics. They play a pivotal role in tailoring medical treatments and interventions to maximize effectiveness and minimize adverse effects. These tests are particularly valuable in the context of precision medicine, where the goal is to provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time based on their unique biological makeup.

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