Licensed and non-licensed practitioners both rely on the important information that comes with diagnostic testing to paint a clear and precise picture of their patients’ and clients’ health. Kashi Clinical Laboratories offers you the testing you need to ensure your patients’ wellbeing.

Offering You the Diagnostic Testing You Need

Founded in 2006, Kashi Clinical Laboratories specializes in DNA testing services, including SNP genetic testing panels for integrative medicine practitioners, in addition to a wide range of virology testing, toxicology testing, environmental testing, and much more. Register with Evexia to learn more about how you can offer these services directly to your patients, at a lowered cost and with impressive simplicity.

What are DNA Testing Services?

DNA testing services involve analyzing an individual's DNA (genetic material) to provide information about their genetic makeup, ancestry, health traits, and more. These services have become increasingly popular due to genetic research and technological advancements. Here are some common types of DNA testing services:

  1. Ancestry Testing: Ancestry DNA testing examines an individual's genetic markers to estimate their ethnic origins and provide insights into their ancestral heritage. These tests can reveal information about a person's geographic origins and ancestral migrations.

  2. Health and Wellness Testing: Health-focused DNA tests provide information about genetic traits related to health, disease risk, and wellness. These tests might offer insights into traits like lactose intolerance, caffeine metabolism, muscle composition, and more. Some health-focused tests also provide information about genetic predispositions to certain medical conditions.

  3. Carrier Testing: Carrier testing is performed to identify individuals who carry a single copy of a genetic mutation associated with a genetic disorder. It's often done by couples planning to have children to assess the risk of passing on certain inherited conditions to their offspring.

  4. Pharmacogenomics Testing: Pharmacogenomics tests analyze individuals' genetic variations to predict how they might respond to certain medications. This information can guide healthcare providers in prescribing drugs that are more likely to be effective and have fewer side effects for that individual.

  5. Genetic Counseling: Genetic counseling services involve working with a trained genetic counselor to interpret DNA test results and understand the implications for an individual's health and well-being. Genetic counselors can help individuals make informed decisions based on their genetic information.

  6. Whole Genome Sequencing and Exome Sequencing: Whole genome sequencing involves reading an individual's entire DNA sequence, while exome sequencing focuses on the genome's protein-coding regions. These comprehensive tests provide a wealth of genetic information and are used in research and clinical contexts to identify potential disease-causing mutations.

  7. Nutrigenomics Testing: Nutrigenomics tests examine how an individual's genetic makeup interacts with their diet. These tests provide insights into how genes influence nutrient metabolism, dietary preferences, and responsiveness to specific dietary interventions.

  8. Identity and Relationship Testing: Identity and relationship testing, such as paternity testing, is used to determine biological relationships between individuals. It's often used for legal, personal, or immigration-related purposes.

  9. Forensic DNA Analysis: Forensic DNA analysis is used in criminal investigations to identify individuals based on DNA samples left at crime scenes. It's commonly used for identifying suspects and victims.

It's important to note that while DNA testing can provide valuable insights, there are also ethical and privacy considerations. Before undergoing DNA testing, individuals should carefully review the terms of service, privacy policies, and potential implications of sharing their genetic information.

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