Aug 31, 2022 | Food Sensitivity, Nutrition, Wellness

Russell M. Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN

The immune system naturally defends and repairs but when there is an immune burden then defense takes a back seat - “repair deficit” or inflammation, acute or chronic sets in. This is a well-recognized cause/amplifier of chronic, degenerative, and autoimmune conditions.  When defense takes precedence over repair in the immune system, increased intestinal permeability intensifies the defense work in the immune system. Partially broken-down food remnants get through impaired intestinal walls and set the stage for host hospitality to chronic infection and/or autoimmune, chronic degenerative illness. Delayed or late-phase food and other chemical sensitivities can also contribute to chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. With the right type of testing, adequate personalized intake of protective antioxidants and nutrients, and guided lifestyle modifications and actions the innate immune system flourishes fight, the inflammatory state and restore repair, providing relief from “repair deficit”.  
Listen to Dr. Jaffe talk about the science behind the LRA – the only delayed hypersensitivity testing for foods, chemicals, and toxins that covers all 3 delayed pathways.

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