240 Food Sensitivity Panel, 1 Antibody (IgG); serum

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Many chronic conditions - from IBS and digestive problems to migraines to depression and mood disorders - may be indicators of food sensitivity. Common offenders include dairy and gluten, but food sensitivities can be complex and difficult to pinpoint. In many cases, a less obvious source may be causing or contributing to a patient’s symptoms.

Our 240 Food Panel offers comprehensive testing to identify food sensitivities to both common and less prevalent offenders that, in some cases, a patient may not even realize are in his or her diet. It is an ideal choice for patients who eat a broad range of foods and cuisines. Once identified, trigger foods can be controlled to relieve symptoms and help patients lead their healthiest lives.

Testing Process

Our panel is a quantitative ELISA analysis of specific IgG, IgG4, and IgA antibodies to 240 common foods and spices.

Specimens are tested in duplicate on the ELISA platform. We follow a diligent process to extract the key component from each analyte to ensure the antibody present in the patient's serum will bind to it, and validate with positive and negative controls. The IgG and/or IgA antibodies, once bound to antigen, are detected through spectrophotometric analysis wherein the values are directly proportional to the concentration of the analytes in the sample.


Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Serum Collection Instructions

Serum samples can be submitted for any of our antibody assessment panels. A serum sample is required for all IgE and Celiac panels.

Test kit contents, serum collection kit:

  • 2 10-ml Red Tiger Top Serum Separator Tubes
  • 1 Resealable Bag
  • 1 Absorbent Pad
  • 1 Crush-Proof Cardboard Box
  • 1 Test Requisition Form
  • 1 USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box (AK, HI, PR, WA USA only) or 1 FedEx Express Clinical Pak & Billable Stamp (all other locations)

Collection Instructions:

Please note the serum volume requirements listed on our test requisition form.

Clearly print the Patient Name (First & Last), Date of Birth & Specimen Collection Date on the two Tiger Top Serum Separator tubes.

Draw the blood utilizing the two Tiger Top Serum Separator tubes provided. 1 fully drawn Tiger Top  Separator tube will usually yield about 3-4 ml of serum.

Allow the blood to clot at ambient temperature for 30 minutes.

Centrifuge at 3000 RPM for 15 minutes.

Place the two Tiger Top Serum Separator tubes into the small resealable bag with the absorbent pad.

Place this bag into the provided Biohazard bag.

Put the completed requisition form in the outside pocket of the Biohazard bag.

Place the Biohazard bag with all contents into the Crush-Proof cardboard box.

Put the Crush-Proof Cardboard Box into the USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box or FedEx Clinical Pak, depending on your shipping method. Seal securely.

Diet & Medications 

It is advised to adhere to the usual dietary habits of consuming a variety of foods when possible. Avoid any food that may have potentially resulted in a previous adverse reaction or anaphylaxis. For Celiac Panel, individuals on a gluten-free diet prior to testing may show low or falsely negative serological values.

Immunosuppressive drugs such as oral or intranasal corticosteroids (prednisone, beclomethasone, fluticasone, triamcinolone), and topical cortisone suspensions and creams, may affect test results for antibody assessment.

Hemolyzed, lipemic or icteric sera are rejected.

An insufficient sample may result in the inability to complete testing for all panels ordered. Notification of the panels that could not be completed is issued with the partial items. Follow collection instructions carefully.

Food, Inhalant, Mold & Candida Panels - the lab must receive the specimen within 14 days at ambient temperature from the date of collection.

Celiac Antibody Panel - the lab must receive the specimen within 10 days at ambient temperature from the date of collection.

Shipping Instructions:

Clearly print the Patient Name (First & Last), Date of Birth & Specimen Collection Date on Tiger Top Serum Separator Tubes and Test Requisition Form.

Test Requisition Form must also include:

  • Specimen Storage
  • Collection Date