295 IgE Food & Inhalant Allergy Panel (Standalone); Serum

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Test Type: Kit Based - Serum


295 Food & Inhalant Allergy Panel

Since the structure and cross-reactivity of specific IgE (sIgE) components are known, the use of our 295 IgE Panel can help unravel cross-reactivity in complex, multi-sensitized patients. While there are multiple forms of treatment for IgE allergies, food avoidance and allergy immunotherapy (AIT) are front-line therapies that can be supported by the 295 IgE profile and its unique blend of whole extract allergens and specific IgE components.

Our IgE panels utilize a quantitative ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbant assay) analysis of the specific immunoglobin IgE identified for the chosen diet panels’ food and spice analytes. 

We follow a meticulous process to extract the critical component from each analyte (food and inhalant trigger) to ensure the antibody present in the patients’ sample will bind properly and validate results with positive and negative controls. Once attached to the antigens, antibodies are detected through spectrophotometric analysis, where the values are directly proportional to the concentration of the analytes in the sample. For additional accuracy, we perform duplicate testing to ensure there are no discrepancies. 

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