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Abnormal Bleeding Profile (Platelet count; PT and aPTT; Thrombin Time)

1. Adcock DM, Kressin DC, Marlar RA. Effect of 3.2% vs 3.8% sodium citrate concentration on routine coagulation testing. Am J Clin Pathol. 1997 Jan; 107(1):105-110. PubMed 89803762. Reneke J, Etzell J, Leslie S, Ng VL, Gottfried EL. Prolonged prothrombin time and activated part...

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ABO Grouping

Determination of ABO blood group for transfusion candidates. Blood grouping of expectant mothers and newborns may indicate potential for ABO hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn.Abnormal plasma proteins, cold autoagglutinins, positive direct antiglobulin test, and, in some ca...

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ABO Grouping and Rho(D) Typing

Determination of ABO blood group and Rh type for transfusion candidates. Group and typing of expectant mothers and newborns may indicate potential for ABO hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn. Rh typing is used to determine Rh immune globulin candidacy for prenatal and postpart...

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Alpha-Thalassemia, DNA Analysis

This test is designed to detect copy-number changes in the α-globin gene cluster (deletions and duplications) of 28 different sequences in the HBA region. In addition, the assay detects the presence of the Constant Spring (Hb CS) mutation. Other point mutations, and v...

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Complete Blood Count ( CBC ) With Differential

As a screening test to evaluate overall health; detect and/or identify a wide range of hematologic disorders; assist in managing medications/chemotherapeutic decisions.Assessments of stained smears are performed if results meet specific numeric and/or instrument flagging criter...

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Complete Blood Count ( CBC ) Without Differential (028142)

See comments in Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential [005009]...

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Coombs', Direct (DAT)

Detect in vivo coating of IgG and/or complement components on RBCs.The presence of potent cold autoagglutinins may interfere with test interpretation. Testing performed using clotted blood specimens may yield false-positive results with anticomplement.Positive direct an...

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Differential and Total WBC Count

Determine quantitative variations in white cell numbers and types...

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Factor II Activity (Prothrombin)

Evaluate an isolated prolonged PT or when there is prolongation of both the aPTT and PT and to document specific factor II deficiency6-8Direct Xa or thrombin inhibitor therapy may cause factitiously low results.Factor II is a 72-kilodalton vitamin K-dependen...

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Factor VIII Activity (Antihemophilic Factor (AHF))

Used in the evaluation of an isolated prolonged aPTT. Diagnosis of hemophilia A and as an aid in the diagnosis of von Willebrand factor (vWF) deficiency.6-9Factor VIII is an acute phase reactant and can be elevated in a number of clinical conditions. This can affect...

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