Antigen IgE Environmental Allergy - DBS

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Turnaround Time: 10 - 15 Days
Test Type: Kit Based - Dried Blood Spot


88 Antigen IgE Environmental Panel

  • Traditional skin prick allergy testing can be uncomfortable and requires  exposing a patient directly to a potential allergen.
  • Serum allergy testing is less invasive, and we can test multiple allergens with only 1 blood sample.  
  • Infinite Allergy Labs offers an extensive Environmental Allergy Panel to 88 common allergens   

Seasonal vs. Perennial Allergies

 Seasonal allergies that occur during certain times of the year are usually caused by outdoor allergens such as mold spores, and pollen released by trees, grass, and weeds. 

Perennial allergies that occur any time of the year, or the entire year, are usually in response to something in the home, such as dust mites, mold, fabrics, animal or insects. 

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