Bartonella FISH (289)

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Test Type: Kit Based - Whole Blood


The Bartonella FISH assay is designed for qualitative detection of ribosomal RNA of bacteria belonging to the Genus Bartonella. Bartonella are rod-shaped, gram-negative bacteria. The FISH test provides a significant increase in specificity over standard gram stain for the presence of Bartonella in a whole blood smear. A positive result indicates the presence of bacterium from the Genus Bartonella, including B. berkhoffii, B. henselae, B. elizabethae, B. quintana, or B. vinsonii. The presence of an organism is an indication of the presence of disease. A positive result can aid in diagnosis during the course of the disease.

Principle: Hybridization directly on a thin blood smear with a fluorescein-labeled Bartonella specific probe, followed by identification of Bartonella on a blood smear by viewing under a fluorescent microscope.

Stage of Disease: Early Disease, Late Disease

Test Methodology: FISH

Collection Details:

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Specimen:  1 Full EDTA – do not freeze