Bartonella IgXSpot (350)

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Test Type: Kit Based - Blood Draw


The Bartonella IgXSpot test is an Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot (ELISPOT) assay that detects human T cells reactive to Bartonella specific antigens in vitro. Detects specific T cell responses soon after Bartonella infection, when antibodies to the organisms are not detectable or late in the disease when the levels of antibodies are very low. ELISPOT is a widely used method for detecting and monitoring cellular immune response to specific antigens.

The IgXSpot assay allows visualization of the secretory product(s) of individual activated or responding T cells to Bartonella specific antigens, which include B. henselae, B. quintana, B. elizabethae and B. vinsonii. Each spot that develops in the assay represents a single reactive cell. When combined with Western Blot tests, the Bartonella IgXSpot provides information on the full spectrum of a patient’s immune response to infection and stage of disease, and is especially useful for seronegative patients. For diagnostic purposes, the Bartonella IgXSpot test results should be used in conjunction with clinical symptoms and other evidence available to the diagnosing physician.

Stage of Disease: Early Disease

Test Methodology: IgXSpot

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Specimen: 1 Full Heparin (Must be received within 48 hours of collection at RT)