Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance ® (501)

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CPT Code:

83921x4, 82465

Test Type: Serum Kit Based
Stability Time:

Refrigerated: 5 days


Abnormalities in cholesterol metabolism have been associated with patient response to statin and ezetimibe therapy for LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) lowering.

Boston Heart’s exclusive Cholesterol Balance test directly measures the major production markers (lathosterol and desmosterol) and absorption markers (beta-sitosterol, campesterol and cholestanol) for circulating plasma cholesterol. The levels of these markers are indicators of LDL-C lowering response to treatments (e.g., statins or ezetimibe). This information enables healthcare providers to prescribe the most effective treatment strategy to lower LDL-C and help patients achieve their LDL-C goal.

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Preferred Specimen 1.0 mL serum (0.5 mL minimum) collected in serum separator tube (SST/Tiger Top)

Alternative Specimen 1.0 mL EDTA plasma (0.5 mL minimum) collected in plasma separator tube (Pearl Top)