Comprehensive Genetic Panel

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Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days
Test Type: Kit Based, Buccal Swab


This groundbreaking DNA health panel provides fast and accurate information on a wide range of SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) affecting weight management, diabetes, cardiac heath, nutritional function, bone health and estrogen metabolism, memory and brain health, mood disorders, and methylation cycle function.Test panel results are summarized in a detailed, easy-to-interpret report that highlights genotypes, identifies risk profiles, and pinpoints gene function.

Patients who may benefit from this test include:

-Patients presenting with a complex multi-symptom picture
-Patients interested to learn how to optimize health and wellness
-Patients seeking to develop a targeted diet and supplement solutions
-Patients experiencing a sudden increase in the number of symptoms
-Patients wanting to break familial patterns associated with chronic conditions
-Patients preparing to conceive
-Parents who want to provide their child with every opportunity for health and cognitive development

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Complete enclosed requisition form.

Write patient name, collection date, and sign (testing cannot be performed without patient signature).

Collect one swab sample at a time (savethe swab packages as they will be reused for return shipping).

To collect the sample, firmly rub the swab tip on the inside of one cheek in a circular motion for 20 seconds. Gently shake the swab in the air for a few minutes to dry and then replace it inot the packaging sleeve. Repeat this process for the remaining swabs on the inside of the other cheek. Place the swab samples and completed requisition form into the kit pocket, then put into the postage-paid mailing envelope and return to Lab as soon as possible.