FIT 132 Test; Blood Tube Kit

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Turnaround Time: 7-10 Days
Test Type: Kit-Based, Bloodspot


The Food Inflammation Test (FIT) employs unique methods that detect both IgG antibody and Immune Complexes together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens. Measuring IgG and Immune Complexes together increases the sensitivity over other tests which measure IgG alone.

Measures sensitivity to 132 foods, colorings and additives spanning all major food groups.

*Gut Barrier Panel (GB Panel); this is included with the FIT 176 and FIT 132 Tests. Providers who strive to differentiate the levels of gut dysfunction, from simple sensitivity to inflammation, and more extreme levels of leaky gut will find the addition of the GB Panel very useful.

Gut Barrier Panel (GB Panel)

KBMO has created a unique Gut Barrier Panel which in recognition that leaky gut occurs across a spectrum we have included the following gatekeeper markers: Candida, Zonulin, and Occludin. For each marker, we measure IgG 1-4 /C3d in addition to IgA 1 and 2.



Perfoming Lab: KBMO

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