Turnaround Time: 48 hours for H. pylori biopsy, 5–7 Business days for H. pylori stool results
CPT Code:

87799, 87798

Test Type: Kit-Based, Stool
Stability Time:

Stability is 5 days.


Molecular Technology. DNA based testing offers significant advantages to other methods. Including testing for Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Virulence Factors.

Patient treatment efficacy is greatly improved with phenotypic antibiotic resistance testing to guide treatment protocols. Additionally, Virulence Factor testing can help to identify the symptoms that H. pylori is contributing to and potential to cause disease.


Performing Lab: DSL

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

NOTE: Please review all instructions and collection kit components before starting your sample collection. DO NOT discontinue taking prescription medications unless directed by your physician.

Step 1 – Write the Patient Name, Date of Birth (on ID Number line*), and Collection Date on theSpecimen Vial.
* No ID Number — Use space for Date of Birth.

Step 2 – If possible, void urine prior to collecting stool to avoid mixing it with your stool sample. Put gloves on and pass stool into provided Collection Tray.

Step 3 – Using the spoon attached to the cap of the specimen vial, spoon stool from multiple areas of the sample (ie., from at least 4 areas going left to right) into the vial. Fill vial to the red "Fill Line" indicated on the label.

Failure to add sufficient sample may result in the laboratory not being able to process the sample. DO NOT DISCARD THE PINK LIQUID IN THE SPECIMEN VIAL.

Step 4 – Carefully mix stool and fluid with the spoon (attached to the cap). Replace cap tightly and shake vial vigorously for 30 seconds.

Step 5 – A) Fill out the Test Request Form completely and place form into the document holder of the Specimen Bag.

NOTE: Be sure to write the date of sample collection on the form. Payment type must be completed and payment included to process sample.

B) Place capped Specimen Vial containing the collected stool sample into the Specimen Bag along with Absorbent Pad and seal the bag.

C) Place the Specimen Bag with the collected sample and Test Request Form into the Kit Box.

D) Ship completed Kit Box back to Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory using the FedEx Clinical Pak Mailer provided. See shipping instructions below.**

**Stool sample must be received within 6 days of collection. If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection, please refrigerate and ship as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days.