Immunoglobulin A (IgA), Subclasses (1-2)

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Turnaround Time: 3 - 6 days
CPT Code:

82784, 82787(2)

Test Type: 2 mL Serum
Stability Time:



Room temperature

14 days


14 days


14 days

Freeze/thaw cycles

Stable x3


Study IgA deficiencies in patients in association with recurrent sinopulmonary infections or repeated transfusions;study IgA elevations associated with IgA myeloma.

Two classes of IgA have been identified in humans: IgA1, which accounts for 80% to 90% of total serum IgA, and IgA2 which is the major subclass in secretions such as milk. The two subclasses appear to be regulated independently. Antigenic sites on the IgA subclasses are responsible for the anaphylactic transfusion reactions experienced by some patients totally deficient in either IgA1 or IgA2. After repeated transfusions, such patients may produce antibodies to these antigens. IgA subclasses are of further importance in that certain pathogenic microörganisms, including Haemophilus influenzae, are capable of enzymic cleavage of IgA1, leading to partial inactivation of this subclass. Recurrent sinopulmonary infections may, therefore, be related to deficiency of IgA2, which is resistant to these organisms. Grossly elevated levels of either subclass can occur in patients with IgA myeloma.

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube.

Transfer specimen to a plastic transport tube.

To avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, PLEASE SUBMIT SEPARATE FROZEN SPECIMENS FOR EACH TEST REQUESTED.

Maintain specimen at room temperature.