Test Type: Kit Based - Blood Tube


The IgXSpot is an enzyme-linked immunospot assay that detects human T cells reactive to Borrelia/pathogen-specific antigens in vitro. It is well documented that both humoral and cellular immune responses develop in Borrelia/pathogen infection. The cellular immune response develops much earlier than humoral response in most patients who are infected with Borrelia species. In some patients, sero-conversion from cellular to humoral response does not occur or occurs much later in the disease. In some patients with a chronic form of the disease, the humoral response is poor. Therefore, the IgXSpot test is recommended for detection of very early and/or late Borrelia/pathogen infection and in seronegative patient's whole blood samples.

Principle: ELISPOT is a widely used method for detecting and monitoring cellular immune responses to specific antigens. The IgXSpot assay allows visualization of the secretory product(s) of individual activated or responding cells to Borrelia-specific antigens. Each spot that develops in the assay represents a single reactive cell.

Stage of Disease: Any Stage of Disease

Test Methodology: IgXSpot

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Specimen: 1 Full Heparin (Must be received within 48 hours of collection at RT.)