Lyme Multiplex PCR Urine (450)

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Test Type: Kit Based - Urine


The Lyme Multiplex PCR test detects Borrelia burgdorferi specific DNA sequences from Osp A plasmid and flagellin genomic genes, in clinical specimens.

Principle: The multiplex PCR-based diagnostic test is performed directly on the clinical specimen in a three-step assay. The steps are as follows:

Selection hybridization: Specifically removes the “common PCR inhibitors” from the clinical sample while simultaneously selecting and purifying the DNA fragment of interest. This procedure also concentrates the fragment of interest, thereby improving sensitivity.

PCR amplification: The purified pathogen DNA fragment of interest is PCR-amplified with pathogen-specific primers. This sequence “hybridizes” or binds specifically to pathogen DNA of interest under predetermined PCR conditions. Therefore, only pathogen-specific DNA is amplified.

Detection of amplified products: The PCR-amplified products are transferred and bound to a nitrocellulose membrane. The membrane-bound, PCR-amplified products are hybridized with pathogen-specific probes. Only samples that have pathogen-specific DNA hybridize to the probes and give a blue-purple color dot on the membrane.

The combination of these three steps imparts very high specificity and sensitivity to the test.

Stage of Disease: Any Stage of Disease

Test Methodology: PCR

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Specimen: Urine – BD Gray Top/ 4mL x2