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Test Type: Kit Based - Stool


Genova's Commitment to Innovation Brings You a New Way to Assess the Microbiome

In the era of microbiome research, we are beginning to see that our gut microbiome has more control over our health than we ever knew. Until now, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. The latest technology and ongoing research show us that the microbiome is one of the most important health indicators.

 Introducing the New Metagenomic Microbiomix Stool Analysis

Microbiomix offers metagenomic shotgun/ whole genome sequencing to assess your patient's complete gut microbiome as well as its potential function. Metagenomics is considered the gold standard method to study gut microbiota.

Microbiomix is available with the GI Effects Comprehensive Profile. Microbiomix complements the information provided on the GI Effects. This additional information may reveal treatable abnormalities that are not seen in GI Effects. Microbiomix is also available as a stand-alone offering. 

What Does Microbiomix Offer?

Increased species detection

The Microbiomix platform detects bacteria, fungi, protists, and archaea amounting to over 28,000 species. Each person's microbiome contains over 200 species, all listed in the personalized report.

Includes identification of species that may confer pathogenic potentials, such as Bacteroides fragilis and the fragilysin toxin - not available on the GI Effects.

Microbiomix assesses all methane-producing organisms, including Methanobrevibacter smithii also seen on GI Effects, and others.

The Microbiomix platform identifies newly discovered species that may not be well known to science and can see how they may be contributing to overall health.

 Deeper insight into the microbiome's function

Microbiomix assesses the genetic potential to form unique metabolites such as hexa-LPS, TMA, histamine, vitamin production, branched chain amino acids, urease, GABA, hydrogen sulfide and many others - thus providing MORE information to help understand a patient's condition.

Many metabolites can be transported across the intestinal barrier and into the body's circulation. Microbial metabolites interact with our nervous system, immune, and metabolic functions to influence our overall health.

Some of these metabolites promote good health while others promote inflammation and disease.

Shannon Diversity Index

This metric is well-represented in the literature and is used to assess overall microbiome health. A diverse microbiome is ideal and is associated with greater health.

 Specific, actionable recommendations

Tailored recommendations improve microbiome health which can influence overall health.

Easy-to-understand descriptions on how to modify microbiome potential with diet

Summary page recommending targeted prebiotics and foods

 When would I consider ordering Microbiomix with the GI Effects?

Adding Microbiomix to the GI Effects offers a more complete picture of overall gut health.

Gut microbiome research has revealed the impact the gut has on every system in the body. The metabolites produced by the microbiome are bioactive and influence human health. Microbiomix offers a broader look at the microbiome's ability to produce these metabolites and therefore potentially prevent future chronic disease and promote optimal health.

Clinicians often order stool testing to assess GI symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Indigestion

Additionally, since it is becoming recognized that the gut microbiome influences overall health, clinicians are beginning to look to the gut for numerous other health conditions including:

  • Allergies/asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Mood disorders (i.e., depression)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Metabolic diseases (i.e., insulin resistance, diabetes)
  • Nutritional deficiencies

 How does Microbiomix differ from other profiles?

Genova is the first and only company to offer a stool test of this kind - combining biomarker analysis on the GI Effects Comprehensive Profile with the most comprehensive genotypic microbiome data using Microbiomix.

Largest Organism Library

Metagenomic analysis heavily depends on reference databases. The organism library is unmatched in the industry with the ability to detect over 28,000 species.

This reference database contains several tens of thousands of microorganisms, many of which do not exist in public databases. This enables Genova to identify at least 25% more DNA than other metagenomic classifiers with access to a faster, more accurate approach than other analysis methods.[2]

Our growing microbial genome database uses the most scientifically advanced microbial taxonomy and complete database of bacterial and archaeal genomes currently available.

Our world-leading database is regularly updated with new genomes to improve species identification from samples.

Whole genome sequencing is a complete microbiome assessment detecting bacteria, fungi, protists, and archaea. While PCR can be helpful for known pathogens, mutations will not be detected. PCR can also be limited in the ability to detect every organism.

 Superior Analytical Performance

Validity and accuracy studies show superior performance compared to other platforms.

Depth of sequencing the DNA is important for complete analysis. Reducing the depth of sequencing by performing fewer reads can reduce cost, however, it also compromises the quality. Genova performs a complete analysis of a patient's microbiome to deliver the highest quality information.

Metagenomics assesses DNA, whereas metatranscriptomics assesses RNA. DNA is more stable to assess. RNA provides a snapshot in time and may not be indicative of the long-term microbiome status.

 Built-In Clinical Application

Microbiomix offers the most clinically relevant information about microbiome function and key organisms.

  • Easy-to-understand report
  • Clinically actionable metabolites
  • Evidence-based recommendations
  • Continuous lifetime report updates as the science advance

What can I expect when ordering Microbiomix?

Patients with complex illnesses often benefit from the most comprehensive testing — casting a wide net yields more information. GI Effects Comprehensive plus Microbiomix offers the most complete gut health test with actionable results. Dietary changes, supplements and lifestyle changes can all beneficially impact gut health and improve test results. Patients can lead an improved quality of life as their GI concerns are resolved.

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