Neurotransmitters + UDH III

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CPT Code:

82139 x9, 82384 x4, 83088, 84260, 82542 x3, 83150, 83497, 83835, 84585, 84510, 83921, 82570

Test Type: Kit Based, Urine


In the neurological system, hormones are synergistic with neurotransmitters – modulating their production, signaling, and metabolism. Because of this complex interplay, testing hormones and neurotransmitters together is an ideal way to generate a more precise clinical assessment. Elements are also important for brain health - deficiencies in iodine or selenium compromise the neuroprotective functions of thyroid hormones and lithium is implicated in neuroprotection and regeneration. Heavy metals on the other hand disrupt neurotransmitter synthesis, metabolism, and signaling, contributing to the burden of neurological dysfunction. Combined testing of neurotransmitters with hormones and/or neurotransmitters with heavy metals and nutrients gives practitioners a diagnostic edge over the traditional psychological inventory. It offers the advantage of zeroing in on which therapies are best suited for individual patients – cutting down on the time-consuming process of trial-and-error for identifying treatment options. This testing also allows practitioners to monitor individual biochemical changes during and after an intervention.

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