Rickettsia PCR Whole Blood (998)

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Test Type: Kit Based - Whole Blood


The polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based diagnostic assay for detection of Rickettsia from urine is highly specific to R. rickettsii and R. felis/typhi DNAs. The combination of the following three steps imparts a very high specificity and sensitivity to the test:

  1. Hybridization/selection
  2. Amplification of Rickettsia-specific DNA
  3. Detection of Rickettsia-specific amplified DNA fragments

Principle: The Rickettsia species PCR test is an assay that detects Rickettsia species-specific DNA in clinical samples. Rickettsia 17 kDa antigen gene fragments are hybrid-selected by probes, followed by PCR amplification of the selected DNA fragment. PCR products are tested with Rickettsia-specific probes (R. rickettsii and R. felis/typhi) by southern blot assays. The primers and probes used for the selection of a Rickettsia gene fragment encoding the 17 kDa antigen DNA fragments are designed from published sequences.

Stage of Disease: Any Stage of Disease

Test Methodology: PCR

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Specimen:  1 Full EDTA