Test Type: Kit Based - Blood Spot


The TruAge Complete Collection offers an entire suite of epigenetic aging reports and aging algorithms to give you a more comprehensive picture of biological aging.

For anyone wanting to quantify how your lifestyle is changing,  biological aging, we recommend DunedinPACE, only available through the TruAge Complete Collection.

This new and improved blood spot collection card makes taking a sample as easy as letting a few drops fall onto the paper.

TruAge Complete measures aging, so you can manage it.

Physician Report This 75+ page baseline biological report contains your biological age, EpiAge ratio, how you compare to the general population, and treatment framework

You can think of this report as a personalized literature review. Since 60 % of the methylation markers are changeable, it is crucial to know which epidemiological factors affect your biological score. This will help you identify which part of your lifestyle you can target to decrease your biological age. This report also includes general information about epigenetics, biological age, methylation markers, how this test was created, aging as a disease, how to slow your aging, and more.

Patient Report: The patient report is an abbreviated version (7 pages) of the physician report it contains your bio age, EpiAge ratio, how you compare to the population, and treatment framework.


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