CPT Code:


Test Type: 1.0 mL Serum Kit Based
Stability Time:

Refrigerated: 7 days

Reference Range:
  • Low: <112 µg/dL
  • Normal: 112-347 µg/dL
  • High: >347 µg/dL


Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity

  • To assess the body’s ability to transport iron in the blood.
  • Elevated unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC) may indicate:
    • Iron deficiency in the diet; Inability to absorb iron
  • Decreased unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC) may indicate:
    • Hemochromatosis, Chronic infection or illness, Hemolytic anemia
  • Sideroblastic anemia, Iron toxicity
  • Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) measures the levels of transferrin bound with iron; whereas Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC) measures levels of transferrin that has not bound iron.
  • It is customary to test for transferrin (instead of TIBC or UIBC) when evaluating a person’s nutritional status or liver function.

Methodology - Colormetric

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Preferred Specimen

1.0 mL serum (0.5 mL minimum) collected in serum separator tube (SST / Tiger Top)

Transport Temperature

Refrigerated (ship on frozen cold packs)