Vaginitis/Vaginosis, DNA Probe

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Turnaround Time: 1 - 3 days
CPT Code:

87480, 87510, 87660

Test Type: Vaginal fluid


DNA probe test intended for use in the detection and identification of Candida sp, Gardnerella vaginalis, and Trichomonas vaginalis nucleic acid in vaginal fluid specimens from patients with symptoms of vaginitis/vaginosis.

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Affirm VPIII Ambient Temperature Transport System (ATTS).

Break ampule in ATTS reagent dropper and dispense reagent into sample collection tube. Using transport swab provided, obtain a sample from the posterior vaginal fornix. Immediately place swab in collection tube. Break swab shaft at prescored line. Press cap onto collection tube until it snaps in place.

Maintain specimen at room temperature for 72 hours.