KMBO Diagnostics is a highly trusted and reputable testing facility, offering fully integrated medical diagnostics and some of the most advanced food sensitivity testing available, giving you and your patients the opportunity to understand the cause of some of life’s most frustrating issues.

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KBMO Diagnostics is a fully integrated medical diagnostic company located outside of Boston, M.A., that specializes in food inflammation and sensitivity testing. Their tests will accurately detect antibodies and antigens alike, for a higher level of accuracy and a more clear picture of the patient’s reactivity. To learn more, click the link below and join the Evexia platform.

Why Choose KBMO Diagnostics

KBMO Diagnostics is a laboratory that specializes in functional medicine testing, specifically focusing on food sensitivities and allergies. While the choice to use their services ultimately depends on individual circumstances and needs, here are some potential reasons why someone might consider choosing KBMO Diagnostics:

  1. Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Testing: KBMO Diagnostics offers the KBMO FIT Test, which aims to measure immune responses to a wide range of foods and additives. If you suspect certain foods might be causing health issues, this test could provide insights into which foods are triggering reactions.

  2. Functional Medicine Approach: KBMO Diagnostics operates within the realm of functional medicine, which focuses on identifying underlying causes of health issues rather than solely addressing symptoms. If you resonate with this approach and are seeking a more holistic understanding of your health, their testing might align with your preferences.

  3. Potential for Personalized Dietary Guidance: The results of the KBMO FIT Test could lead to personalized dietary recommendations based on the foods that trigger immune responses. This could be a consideration if you're looking for guidance on dietary modifications to address potential sensitivities.

  4. Alternative to Traditional Allergy Testing: If you've previously undergone traditional allergy testing and your symptoms haven't been adequately addressed, you might be exploring alternative testing methods, such as IgG-based tests like the KBMO FIT Test.

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