For over 25 years, IGeneX has been at the forefront of Lyme disease and other tick-borne related illnesses. The company has not only made a profound impact on how these diseases get diagnosed more accurately with their testing diagnostics, it has also been instrumental in training physicians to better understand tick-borne diseases and become Lyme literate.

Why Choose IGeneX

  1. Specialization in Tick-Borne Diseases: IGeneX is known for its expertise in testing for tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease. If you suspect you have been exposed to ticks or have symptoms associated with these diseases, IGeneX might offer specialized testing that other laboratories might not provide.

  2. Advanced Testing Methods: IGeneX has been recognized for using advanced testing methods that might provide more accurate results compared to traditional testing methods. This could be particularly important if you have received inconclusive results from other labs and are seeking a more definitive diagnosis.

  3. Comprehensive Panels: IGeneX often offers comprehensive panels that test for multiple tick-borne pathogens. This can be helpful if you suspect you might have contracted multiple infections from a tick bite.

  4. Experienced Professionals: IGeneX employs experienced scientists and researchers who are familiar with tick-borne diseases. This can lead to more accurate interpretation of test results.

  5. Patient Advocacy: Some patients and advocacy groups in the Lyme disease community have reported positive experiences with IGeneX due to their willingness to work closely with patients, listen to their concerns, and offer testing that aligns with their symptoms.

  6. Geographical Considerations: If you live in an area where tick-borne diseases are prevalent and traditional testing methods have not yielded conclusive results, IGeneX might be a consideration due to their focus on these specific diseases.

However, it's important to exercise caution and do your research before choosing a diagnostic laboratory. You should consult with your healthcare provider about your symptoms and concerns, and they can guide you on whether IGeneX or any other laboratory is the best choice for your situation. Additionally, insurance coverage and the credibility of the laboratory in the medical community might also be factors to consider.

Available Testing:

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