OmegaQuant operates an independent yet CLIA-certified laboratory and testing facility that connects you and your patients with vital nutritional diagnostic information.

Keeping Your Patients Informed

OmegaQuant is committed to offering testing services at the highest possible level and has been hard at work opening new laboratory locations, to better serve the world and bring information that can improve patient health to more practitioners. You’ll choose from a robust menu of nutritional testing options so you can keep your patients healthy and informed in equal measure.

Why Choose OmegaQuant

Choosing OmegaQuant for your omega-3 fatty acid testing needs can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • Specialization: OmegaQuant specializes in omega-3 fatty acid testing, making them experts in this specific area of nutritional assessment.
  • Accurate and Reliable Testing: They utilize precise and validated testing methods to provide accurate measurements of omega-3 levels in the body.
  • Health Insights: OmegaQuant's tests can offer valuable insights into your cardiovascular health and overall well-being, helping you make informed dietary and lifestyle choices.
  • Personalized Guidance: Test results often come with personalized recommendations to help you improve your omega-3 levels and overall health.
  • Scientific Credibility: OmegaQuant's tests are developed and supported by scientific research, adding credibility to their services.
  • Ease of Testing: Their tests are typically easy to administer, often requiring a simple blood spot or fingerstick sample, making it convenient for individuals.

  • Accessible Reports: They provide clear and accessible reports, ensuring that you can easily understand your results.
  • Convenience: Many of their tests can be done at home, reducing the need for in-person appointments.
  • Research and Education: OmegaQuant is actively involved in omega-3 research and education, contributing to understanding these fatty acids' health benefits.
  • Established Reputation: They have built a strong reputation in the field of omega-3 fatty acid testing, trusted by healthcare professionals and individuals seeking to improve their health.

When considering OmegaQuant for your testing needs, it's essential to determine if assessing your omega-3 levels aligns with your health goals and nutritional needs. Consulting with a healthcare provider can help you make an informed decision and interpret your test results effectively.

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