Allergies can be a frustrating fact of life, and aren’t always clear in their origin or nature. Infinite Allergy Labs gives you the chance to help your patients get to the root of their allergy issues, so they can enjoy the relief they deserve.

Comprehensive Allergy Testing

Infinite Allergy Labs is located in Duluth, GA, and specializes in food and environmental allergy antigen testing, with a focus on producing accurate, reproducible, and quality results. With a robust menu of both food and environmental allergy tests, Infinite Allergy Labs can help your patients breathe clearly, avoid frustrating rashes and breakouts, and generally enjoy a higher quality of life. Click the link below to get started with Evexia and learn more.

Why is it Important to Get Food and Environmental Allergy Antigen Testing

Food and environmental allergy antigen testing can be important for individuals who suspect they may have allergies or sensitivities to certain substances. These tests help identify specific allergens that trigger allergic reactions, allowing individuals to take appropriate measures to manage their allergies. Here are some reasons why getting food and environmental allergy antigen testing can be important:

  1. Accurate Diagnosis: Allergy antigen testing provides a more accurate and precise diagnosis of allergies compared to self-diagnosis or observations. It can confirm whether symptoms are truly caused by allergies or other factors.

  2. Targeted Treatment: Identifying the specific allergens that trigger allergic reactions enables healthcare providers to recommend more targeted treatment options. This can lead to more effective symptom management and relief.

  3. Avoidance Strategies: Once allergens are identified, individuals can take steps to avoid exposure to them. This can include adjusting their diet, avoiding certain environments, or making changes in their daily routines to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

  4. Preventing Severe Reactions: For individuals with severe allergies, avoiding allergens is crucial to preventing potentially life-threatening reactions, such as anaphylaxis. Knowing specific triggers helps individuals and caregivers take preventive measures.

  5. Quality of Life: Managing allergies effectively can significantly improve a person's quality of life by reducing the frequency and severity of allergic symptoms. This allows individuals to participate more fully in daily activities without constant discomfort.

  6. Eliminating Unnecessary Restrictions: Some individuals may unnecessarily restrict their diets or environments due to suspected allergies. Accurate testing can help identify whether these restrictions are truly necessary.

  7. Medical Guidance: Allergy testing provides medical professionals with valuable information to guide treatment plans, recommend medications, and offer lifestyle advice tailored to the individual's allergen profile.

  8. Aid in Identifying Hidden Allergens: Allergy testing can reveal allergens that individuals might not have realized were causing their symptoms. This is especially important for food allergies, as allergens can sometimes be present in unexpected sources.

  9. Predicting Cross-Reactions: Some allergens can cause cross-reactions, where individuals react to multiple allergens due to shared proteins. Testing helps identify these potential cross-reactions and guide avoidance strategies.

  10. Informing Dietary Choices: Food allergy testing is particularly useful in identifying specific foods that trigger allergic reactions. This information is important for individuals looking to make informed dietary choices and substitutions.

  11. Monitoring Changes Over Time: Allergy testing provides a baseline for tracking how allergies evolve or change over time. This can be useful for monitoring improvements or identifying new sensitivities.


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