RealTime Laboratories, Inc., is a Dallas-based molecular biology and microbiology laboratory specializing in the detection of fungi, yeast, and mycotoxins in human and environmental samples.

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At the forefront of the war on exposure to environmental toxins, RealTime Laboratories uses patented DNA and ELISA testing to help patients and their physicians determine the cause of mold-related illnesses and invasive fungal infections.

RealTime Laboratories is a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified lab that upholds the strictest standards for validity and accuracy. RealTime Laboratories has been involved in multiple cutting-edge, published medical research papers and continues to revolutionize medicine as it relates to mycotoxins and mold.

RealTime Laboratories, Inc. is a clinical laboratory that specializes in mycotoxin testing, and people may choose this laboratory for several reasons:

  • Expertise in Mycotoxin Testing: RealTime Laboratories is known for its expertise in mycotoxin testing, particularly in the analysis of mold-related toxins. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by molds that can contaminate food, water, and indoor environments. Testing for mycotoxins can be important for individuals dealing with mold-related health issues.
  • Mold-Related Health Concerns: If you suspect mold exposure in your home or workplace or have symptoms of mold-related illness (e.g., chronic sinusitis, respiratory problems, fatigue, cognitive issues), RealTime Laboratories can provide testing to identify mycotoxin exposure and help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat these conditions.
  • Precision and Accuracy: RealTime Laboratories is committed to providing accurate and precise results. They use advanced analytical techniques and maintain strict quality control standards to ensure the reliability of their tests.
  • Support for Healthcare Professionals: The laboratory collaborates with healthcare professionals to help diagnose and manage mold-related illnesses. This can be especially valuable when seeking medical guidance and treatment for mold exposure.
  • Comprehensive Testing: RealTime Laboratories offers a variety of mycotoxin testing panels, allowing you to assess a broad range of mycotoxins. This comprehensive approach can provide a more detailed picture of exposure and help tailor treatment strategies.
  • Home Testing Kits: RealTime Laboratories offers mycotoxin home testing kits, allowing individuals to collect and submit samples from their living environments. This can be convenient for those who want to assess the safety of their homes.
  • Environmental Assessment: In addition to mycotoxin testing, RealTime Laboratories may also provide guidance on environmental assessment, helping you identify and address mold issues in your living or working spaces.

RealTime Laboratories FAQ

  1. What is RealTime Laboratories? RealTime Laboratories is a diagnostics company specializing in mycotoxin and mold testing.

  2. What services does RealTime Laboratories offer? They offer mycotoxin testing for biological samples, environmental mold testing, and consultation services.

  3. How accurate are RealTime Laboratories' tests? Their tests are highly accurate, using advanced methodologies and equipment.

  4. Who can benefit from RealTime Laboratories' services? Anyone concerned about mold exposure or mycotoxin-related health issues can benefit.

  5. How can I access RealTime Laboratories' services? Services are typically accessed through healthcare providers or environmental consultants.

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