33 Inhalant IgE Panel; dried blood - (Standalone )

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33 Inhalant IgE Panel

Aeroallergens from trees, grasses, mold, dust, and others can produce symptoms that range from minor to severe in affected individuals. Our 33 Inhalant IgE Panel assesses antibody response to 33 airborne allergens, providing helpful information for effective allergy management. We run our IgE panels on a sophisticated FDA-approved immunoassay analyzer that utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescence technology and can be run utilizing either serum or dried blood spot card samples.

Testing Process

Our 33-Inhalant IgE Panel is a quantitative ELISA analysis of specific IgE antibodies to 33 common inhalants.

Specimens are tested in duplicate on ELISA platform. We follow a diligent process to extract the key component from each analyte to ensure the antibody present in the patients’ serum will bind to it, and validate with positive and negative controls. The IgE antibodies, once bound to the antigen, are detected through spectrophotometric analysis wherein the values are directly proportional to the concentration of the analytes in the sample.

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:


    • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, then dry hands.
    • Use the provided alcohol pad to clean the tip of the finger (ring finger or middle finger).
    • Twist off the blue tab to break the seal on the lancet.
    • Position the lancet against the inside tip of the finger. Press down firmly until an audible click is heard.
    • Gently press the pricked finger from below the puncture site to allow for a large drop of blood to form.
      Important: Wipe away the first drop of blood with provided gauze.
    • Apply a hanging drop of blood. Apply the blood drops within each circle on the Blood Spot Collection Card.


    • Air dry completely. Prop the card up and let air dry for at least 3 hours.
    • Keep specimen away from moisture and sunlight.
    • Once fully dried, tuck the cover into flap as indicated. Insert the Blood Spot Collection Card and desiccant into the resealable bag and seal tightly. Each resealable bag holds a maximum of 5 cards).
      Important: Do not fold the Blood Spot Collection Card.


    • Use the shipping supply provided in the package to return shipment.
    • Specimen may be safely shipped at ambient temperature.
    • US BioTek Laboratories must receive specimen within 55 days at ambient temperature from date of collection.