Test Type: Kit Based - Whole Blood


The Babesia FISH assay is designed for qualitative detection of ribosomal RNA of Babesia parasites directly in a blood smear. The test’s highest degree of specificity is provided by nucleic acid probes, which bind to RNA sequences of the Babesia. This test detects all species of Babesia.

Principle: The FISH assay is based on two fundamental principles: Hybridization directly on a thin blood smear with a fluorescein-labeled Babesia specific probe; identification of Babesia parasites on a blood smear by viewing with a fluorescent microscope. The FISH assay provides a significant increase in sensitivity and specificity over standard Giemsa-stained smears for the presence of intraerythrocytic parasites (piroplasts) in RBCs. The parasites exist as a ring and/or merozoite forms. A positive sample must show fluorescing rings in at least two RBCs. A negative sample must show no fluorescence within the RBCs.

Stage of Disease: Early Disease

Test Methodology: FISH

Collection Details:

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Specimen: 1 Full EDTA – do not freeze