Kidney Stone Urine Test Combination With Saturation Calculations

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Turnaround Time: 6 - 8 days
CPT Code:

81003; 82131; 82140; 82340; 82436; 82507; 82570; 83735; 83935; 83945; 84105; 84133; 84300; 84392; 84560

Test Type: Urine, 24 HR Two 100 mL urine aliquots, frozen


Test Includes: Ammonia; calcium; chloride; citrate; creatinine; cystine; magnesium; osmolality; oxalate; pH; phosphorus; potassium; sodium; sulfate; total volume; uric acid; saturation ratios: brushite, calcium oxalate, monosodium urate, struvite; graph review


Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Specimen:  Urine (24-hour)

Volume: Two 100 mL urine aliquots, frozen

Container: Urine container

Collection:  Collect a single 24-hour urine collection without preservative. Take two 100 mL aliquots of this urine and freeze. Write total volume on aliquot with other clinical information. Also, write total volume on the requisition. Graphic analysis of results is mailed to client.