Metabolic Performance Profile (Female)

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Metabolic Performance Profile UrineTest (Female)

Physicians Lab has developed a novel LC-MS/MS assay to quantify 50 curated metabolomic biomarkers in human urine. The results provide detailed information on how the body is metabolically balanced. The report is an on-demand analysis of phenotypical information to be used independently or complement nutrigenomic testing. Our reports are designed with you, the practitioner, in mind; incorporating automated supplement and nutrition recommendations, result-driven dynamic text, and educational materials to better help you interpret the results and optimize therapeutic strategies. Every human is completely unique and requires specific nutritional considerations for optimal health. These needs are dependent on a variety of factors including genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental influences. Metabolism is a complex process, and through the Metabolic Performance Profile, one can identify how nutrients are used to fuel critical biochemical reactions within the body. The Metabolic Performance Profile quantifies key categories which affords the determination of personalized nutrient and supplement recommendations. The results are driven by algorithms to determine outcome-based recommendations which are supported by peer reviewed clinical literature and population wide association studies. Providing personalized nutrition for individuals allows for an optimal diet, improved metabolic performance and disease prevention.

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