PMP22 MLPA Deletion/Duplication Analysis

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Turnaround Time: 2 - 4 weeks
CPT Code:


Test Type: Whole blood 4 mL
Stability Time:



Room temperature

5 days


5 days


Do not freeze


Use: Mutations in the PMP22 gene cause several forms of a neurological disorder called Charot-Marie-Tooth disease. This disorder damages the peripheral nerves, which can result in loss of sensation and wasting (atrophy) of muscles in the feet, legs and hands.

Limitations: This test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by LabCorp. It has not been cleared or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Methodology: Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification

Collection Details:

Collection Instructions:

Specimen Requirements Specimen Whole blood Volume 4 mL Minimum Volume 1 mL Container Lavender-top (EDTA) tube Collection Draw blood into EDTA tube. Storage Instructions Ship ASAP, but stable up to 5 days post-collection at room temperature. Do not freeze.