Women’s Health and Breast Panel (H)

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Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days
Test Type: Kit Based, Salivary


A comprehensive preventative breast health program extends beyond imaging and lifestyle optimization, and includes accurate assessment and comprehensive treatment of demonstrated hormone imbalances. The Women’s Health and Breast Profile is an accurate, non-invasive tool to advance risk prevention and support you in providing exceptional care to your patients.

The Women’s Health and Breast Profile includes two risk assessment ratios, the Estrogen Quotient and the Pg/E2 ratio. Dr. Henry Lemon developed the Estrogen Quotient (EQ) which is a simple ratio of the cancer protective E3 to the proliferative estrogens E1 and E2. According to Dr. Lemon, the EQ provides an assessment of breast cancer risk, with a lower number (<1.0) indicating increased risk, and a higher number (>1.0) signifying a lower risk. Dr. Lemon’s work stated that for maximum protection, an optimal EQ is >1.5. The Pg/E2 ratio, developed by Dr. John Lee, illuminates the relationship between estradiol, which is a proliferative hormone, and progesterone, which balances estradiol and slows cellular proliferation. The information gained from this profile will help to further the conversation with your patients about targeted treatment options such as BHRT, nutraceutical and herbal supplementation, as well as potential lifestyle modifications.


Peforming Lab: Labrix; LABRIX; labrix

Collection Details:

Patient Preparation:

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Collection Instructions:

Use of the straws included to "funnel" saliva into each tube is optional.
Each tube should be 3/4 full - bubbles or foam are acceptable
FILL ALL FOUR TUBES regardless of how many tests are ordered.
After each collection, place the sample in the freezer immediately.
Please dispose of straws before shipping.
Freeze the samples along with the cold pack for at least 4-6 hours, or overnight if you finish the collection at night. Keep in the freezer until you are ready to ship.